Maybe you're not procrastinating

There's all sorts of motivational messages out there that encourage us to start living our dreams now. To get on with it and stop putting things off.

And at certain points, this may well be the right advice. But I think we also need to know the limits of how much we can be working on at any one point.

It is likely that our ambition is way ahead of our resources. i.e. We may well have many more ideas that we would like to work on than we have the time and energy to commit to right now. In trying to do it all at once we are in danger of spreading ourselves too thinly, causing ourselves a lot of anxiety and stress, and making little or no progress with anything.

Having spent most of my musical experiences supporting others from behind a drum kit, I have reached a point where I am keen to explore some other skills and write and perform my own songs. So, in a moment of inspiration the other day, in a moment of thinking "Well come on then, let's do this now," I set myself the goal of performing a 1/2 hour set of my own music at a public gig by my birthday (March 19th if you want to send a card....)

But sitting back a little, I realised perhaps this wasn't such a good idea. Right now, I'm at a bit of a career cross-roads and figuring out what to do next. I am also settling back into life down south, working on this blog (and as was the case in January, finishing my tax return) as well of course as up-keeping and committing to the work I currently have. Maybe that's enough right now.

At the moment I have one major project; exploring my next career move. Once that's a little more certain and settled, perhaps I can have another project.

I think we can only deal with so many variables at once, and to-do lists can be long term. We don't have to put all our plans into action right now.

Maybe sometimes we are procrastinating and could perhaps do with the little kick up the backside.

But it's worth being kind to ourselves, being aware of how much we can handle, and having the patience and foresight to deal with one thing at a time.

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