Whoops. I'm waiting for my life to begin again.

I feel I need to revise an idea from a previous article "Maybe you're not procrastinating."

In this post, I made the point that it is likely that we will have many more ideas than we are likely to be able to work on at any one time. Our minds may well be way ahead of our resources, and we must be careful not to spread ourselves too thinly.

And whilst this is perhaps good advice (if I do say so myself), I also think we must be wary of falling into the trap of waiting for our lives to begin.

A quote I often remind myself of is:

"How we live our days is how we live our lives."

Slightly cheesy though it may be, I think it makes a very good point.

I know I have been guilty in my life of thinking when that only when I get A,B or C, can I then do X,Y or Z.


A) "When I've done enough practise and feel ready, then I get go out and hustle for gigs."

B) "When I've got a steady income as a musican, then I can move out from home.

and most recently

C) "When I know exactly what the nature of my career change will be, then I can start my own originals musical project."

What's worth noting is that in all 3 of those examples, the first part of the statement is either very difficult or not achievable.

In terms of example A, when does a professional musician ever feel ready? For B, well, as I discovered, the journey from leaving music college to making a steady income from music can take a hell of a long time.

And for C, whilst it is perhaps true that at this point in my life I am particularly uncertain of my career, it is likely that there will always be degree of uncertainty around what I am doing with my life. I am likely to always have one eye on the future, wondering what I should be doing next. The absolute certainty I seek may never come.

So as clichéd as it sounds, I think we need to ensure we are enjoying the journey, and endeavour, as far as we can control it, to be living the life we want to live now. (e.g. I want to make sure that whatever is going on, however stressful things get, that I make time to sit-down and read for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis).

This is perhaps a slightly idealistic idea, and not always achievable - and I do think we should be careful not to spread ourselves too thinly. But I also think we should also be wary of focussing too narrowly, aiming to avoid the "when I get this, then I can do this" approach, and to live a well-balanced life, starting today.

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