Career Change: A Progress Update

I thought I might take a break from the reflective/philosophical writing this week and give you a quick update on what's actually going on for me.

The most exciting piece of news is that on Wednesday I started an 8 week internship at a non-profit organisation called The Founders Pledge.

TFP approach entrepreneurs and investors and encourage them to take a legally binding pledge that upon exit (sale of their business), they will give at least 2% of their personal proceeds to charity.

As you might imagine, even 2% of a particularly high-value entrepreneurs' profits can amount to a huge sum of money, which if deployed smartly to effective charities, can do a great deal of good. And many pledgers go further than 2%.

As well as raising all this money, TFP's broader mission is to create a community of entrepreneurs who are excited and passionate about social impact, and who can and want to use their experience and skills for good.

In terms of my role, for the first 5 weeks I'm working with the community team, working towards The Founders Pledge Forum on June 16th - A full day of talks and workshops lead by some of the leading names from the third sector, designed to educate, inspire and help pledgers (and potential pledgers) to think about maximising their social impact through their charitable giving. I'm working alongside the events co-ordinator on logistics delivery to help ensure the smooth running of the event.

After the forum I transfer to the growth team to work on various projects in a sort of charity "sales" role; essentially trying to get people to take the pledge.

I'm only 3 days in, but so far I'm loving it.

It's a lovely team of friendly, intelligent and ambitious people who have been extremely welcoming and helpful. It feels great to be part of this team, to be working together on something really meaningful, and I'm learning a hell of a lot already.

So that's where I'm at! It's been an up and down year so far, but if someone had offered me the chance to be in this position by this time in the year, I'd have bitten their arm off.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this journey, I will be sure to keep you updated as things progress.

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